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The Penny Stocks Site Newsletters Separating The Good From The Bad

How can you decide what is the penny stocks site newsletter to subscribe to?With thousands of penny stock sites and newsletters popping up everyday penny stock traders have a hard decision to make when it comes to selecting the penny stocks site newsletter. The penny stocks site newsletters should be both informative and reach a wide audience. The Penny Stocks Site Newsletters Should Contain the Following:

In Depth Profile

The penny stock site newsletters give their subscriber a full detailed profile of the stock they are promoting. At the minimum they should contain a paragraph that gives a brief description of the company and what they do. Subscribers should know what is the goal or mission statement of any company that they are investing in.

Up To Date Stock Quotes

The penny stocks site newsletters should have the most recent quote for the stock they are promoting.  For example they should have at least have the following information listed:

Stock Symbol (informs the investor of the stock ticker for the promoted company)

Current Price (Informs the investor of the current price the stock is trading at)

Average 10 Day Volume (How much is the stock traded on a daily basis)

Outstanding Share (Shares currently held by investors includes both restricted and public shares)

Information about the stock industry

The penny stocks site newsletters provide their subscribers with knowledge of the industry that the stock that they are promoting is involved in. The penny stocks site newsletters should explain why the stock could be successful. The penny stocks site newsletters analyze both the inside and outside forces that can directly affect the stock’s price.

Breaking News

The penny stock site newsletters are up to date on the latest market news. As a subscriber you want your penny stock newsletter to provide with the latest new and press releases on the stock they are promoting. A major press release can bring a lot of attention to an otherwise unknown stock. Breaking News and Press Releases have the tendency to increase volume on stocks especially penny stocks. With an increase of trading volume you often see an increase in price per share that is why it is important to subscribe to penny stock newsletters that provide you with the most up to the minute news.

Technical Analysis

The penny stocks site newsletters provide their subscribers with some sort of technical analysis. They should provide you with some sort of history of the stock and how it is trending at the given moment. Also they should include or at least link to some charts for the subscriber to analyze themselves.  Make sure to look into this when choosing the right investment manager.

In closing choosing the penny stocks site newsletter can seem like a daunting task luckily for you most subscriptions are FREE. My advice to you is to subscribe to my penny stock newsletter and let me show you why Penny-Stocks-Site is the penny stocks site newsletter on the web today. 

Top 3 Ways To Invest in Penny Stocks

A lot of people ask us how, or even if they should get into penny stock trades, and our answer is simple: If you don’t have experience, then start small, and get ready to lose.  We know that penny stocks can be extremely risky, but there have been people over the years that have made a killing playing the penny stock game.  Of these people here are a few things they all said helped them get to the top when it came to their penny stock trading.

  1. Don’t let a few losses stop you –  Penny stocks are a very difficult area to navigate thanks to your limited amount of knowledge on the companies before hand, this is why it’s important to make multiple investments across many penny stock options to have more ability to earn a profit.
  2. Don’t roll all of your money into penny stock!  Penny stocks are typically a bit of a gamble, and we never want to see anyone put their entire bank roll into something like penny stock gambling!
  3. Make sure you use a trusted broker when trying to figure out where to start.  The right broker can help eliminate a lot of risk, and ive you financial advice that can get you to the life you are looking to live.  We highly recommend checking this tutorial out at penny stocks, or this Nerdwallet Review.

If these tips helped you, then don’t forget to visit us at our guide to choosing an investment manager.  With these resources, you should be able to decide if you are making the right decision when it comes to navigating the penny stock world in conjunction with your normal financial portfolio.  Thanks for choosing Bluegrass as your financial go-to.

The 3 Questions You Need To Ask The Investment Analyst Before Signing The Contract

An investment analyst is a major factor that can determine a higher probability of success with your investment. With that being said, it is necessary to have an investment manager to take care of things. You just need to make sure that there will be a thorough interview process. It is the best way to get an insight so you can have your money’s worth with the person you will hire. Here are the top questions that you should ask to ensure that you will be able to get the best deal out of it.

1. What is your track record?


This question is inclusive of numerous follow-up questions. The specialist should be able to provide you the ADV form. It is a document that will tell you if there has been any conflict they were involved with regarding the assets and investments they have handled. Do not forget about the performance record. Ask for a record that can go back for at least five to six years. Most importantly, request references from at least five clients and call them.

2. What is your background in this industry?


The experience of the analyst should be superb, preferably with a degree and a master about finance, business or investment related. You wouldn’t want to entrust the management of your assets to someone incapable. The person you’ll hire should be someone who knows everything about the market so you can get the best results.

3. Can I pay you by the hour?


It is not the mandatory way of an investment expert payment terms, but if you can get the specialist to agree, it is for your best interest. You can be assured that the job is being done the right way and you can make sure to only pay for the work done.

If you have already set appointments to meet with the possible investment specialists, make sure to include the top three questions above.

The Guidelines In Choosing The Right Portfolio Investment Manager

Some people are reluctant in getting the services of a portfolio investment manager. It is not surprising because it is hard to find the suitable firm to handle the assets and investments you have. Don’t worry. If you needed a Portfolio Investment Management but worried that it would just be a scam, you can relax now because we have here a guideline that you can follow to get a reliable specialist.

Assess the applicant


In the finance industry, there are a lot of experts who will promise you all the thing you wanted to hear. You need to trust your instinct if the person you are talking to is someone who excels in what he or she do, or the analyst is just the average.



The firm that you will be choosing should have the integrity to create unbiased decisions. More often than not, a company that is affiliated with other firms has the tendency to be one-sided. It’s in your best interest if you will choose a firm that is not affiliated with other companies.

Holistic Approach


It is important that the Portfolio Investment Manager you’ll get oversees a holistic approach when it comes to your investments. The advisor you’ll get shouldn’t be just focused on one side and neglect the other substantial areas of investment.



A credible portfolio management company provides regular updates about the status and what are the things going on after you have awarded the job. Be very cautious on this factor because a lot of firms that forgets to touch base with their clients after getting their business.

Making Things Simple


You should opt for a company who are willing to explain things in layman’s term. It’s a good way for you to know that they are exerting effort because they want you in the loop and there is nothing to hide for them.

Choose wisely because the people you’ll get will be the one to take care of the things you have worked for.

The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Investment Manager

Running a business is not easy most especially if it is growing big. There will be instances that you would need to make big decisions for investment. We all know that there is no secret ingredient for us to know and foresee the definite success rate of any business venture. It is essential to hire an investment expert before taking your business to another level. Here are the reasons why you should hire an investment manager.

1. Consistency


No one is questioning your capabilities when it comes to creating the portfolio for your firm. More than anyone else, you are the best person who can create the specific allocations of business finances. However, you also need to handle a lot of things in your business and the consistency of making sure that you have all the right allocations all the time can be a problem with all the things that you have to take care of. If you hire an investment expert, you will be guaranteed that the consistency of the job is always prioritized.

2. Emotional Attachment


Our decisions are often clouded if we get attached to something, and the same goes in business. There has been a lot of times whereas numerous entrepreneurs made some wrong decisions because of bad judgment. It can be avoided if you have an investment manager because he or she can look at things from a different perspective with the success of the business in mind.

3. Save Time


When we think about the investments we have to take, there are still a lot of factors to consider because it will need constant monitoring and possibly some changes if required on a case to case basis. There are instances where the amount allocation should be modified due to the immediate situations in hand.

If you are someone who is looking for success in every dime you invest, it is a must to hire an investment manager to do the job.