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Keeping Finances and Air Conditioning in Check with a Thermostat

Installing a thermostat, especially a programmable one, is always a recommended step towards a comfortable home that is energy efficient and conveniently managed.  A lot of people are wasting a great deal of money month in and month out in their home by not effectively managing their energy.  This is where a programmable thermostat can come in handy and really save you a lot of money from your monthly energy bill.

home programmable thermostat by Lennox

With this in mind, here are the top four reasons why a programmable thermostat installed with your air conditioning systems can be a wise investment:

  1. It helps you with home management.

You can program your thermostat to turn on your cooling system at a particular time period per day, such as during the hours when the house is most occupied. Likewise, the air conditioning will automatically turn off, based on your schedule, such as at the usual hours that you leave the house. The temperature can also be pre-determined – for example, you can establish cooler degrees when you are about to sleep, with the air conditioner timed to gradually ease off nearing your wake up time.

As you decide on the schedule of your thermostat program, it helps you organize your household schedule. This is the best time to think about your daily time management, and it gives you an overview of your usual weekly and monthly timetables as well.  When you pre-program your cooling system, it means one more task off your everyday things to remember and to do.

  1. It decreases your energy consumption.

The US energy department says 45% of the household energy bill comes from cooling and heating systems consumption. According to Econo1Air, a Modesto ac repair company, installing a thermostat helps you slash up to 15% off that figure. By spreading out air conditioning use only during the times you most need it, you allow your system to have substantial breaks from operations for certain periods of the day. You can even set the system to turn off for a long period of time, such as when you are going away on a vacation.

The convenient thing about a thermostat is, even if the cooling system is down when you’re out of the house, it can be programmed to “anticipate” your coming home according to your schedule. That way, it gradually adjusts the temperature indoors, letting you come home to an already comfortable house.

  1. It slashes your energy bills.

A substantial decrease in energy use results in a significant decrease of your energy bill. By installing a thermostat, and programming it smartly with an efficient schedule, you can be able to save as much as half of your energy costs. The Energy Star Program of the US government estimates around $180 saved for households with an average $2,200 energy bill every year.

  1. It helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Your carbon footprint means the amount of greenhouse gases, measured in carbon dioxide units that are emitted to the atmosphere due to your individual activities. As we all know, greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, CFC, and other synthetic gases traps heat on the earth’s atmosphere, thus contributing to global warming. Everything you do, from the way you dress to your use of household appliances, has a direct effect on the environment. Generally, an individual’s activity with the biggest environmental effect is transportation and home energy use.

Studies show that 20% of greenhouse gas emissions are emitted from the use of energy in the home. Conventional air conditioners are one of, if not the, most electricity demanding systems in a household. Thus, they are also among the large producers of greenhouse gases.

The Energy Star program encourages smart thermostat programming, as this can result in a decrease of 1,847 lbs a year per household of greenhouse gas emissions. Installing a thermostat allows you to manage your energy use efficiently, helping you save money and helping the environment as well.

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The Penny Stocks Site Newsletters Separating The Good From The Bad

How can you decide what is the penny stocks site newsletter to subscribe to?With thousands of penny stock sites and newsletters popping up everyday penny stock traders have a hard decision to make when it comes to selecting the penny stocks site newsletter. The penny stocks site newsletters should be both informative and reach a wide audience. The Penny Stocks Site Newsletters Should Contain the Following:

In Depth Profile

The penny stock site newsletters give their subscriber a full detailed profile of the stock they are promoting. At the minimum they should contain a paragraph that gives a brief description of the company and what they do. Subscribers should know what is the goal or mission statement of any company that they are investing in.

Up To Date Stock Quotes

The penny stocks site newsletters should have the most recent quote for the stock they are promoting.  For example they should have at least have the following information listed:

Stock Symbol (informs the investor of the stock ticker for the promoted company)

Current Price (Informs the investor of the current price the stock is trading at)

Average 10 Day Volume (How much is the stock traded on a daily basis)

Outstanding Share (Shares currently held by investors includes both restricted and public shares)

Information about the stock industry

The penny stocks site newsletters provide their subscribers with knowledge of the industry that the stock that they are promoting is involved in. The penny stocks site newsletters should explain why the stock could be successful. The penny stocks site newsletters analyze both the inside and outside forces that can directly affect the stock’s price.

Breaking News

The penny stock site newsletters are up to date on the latest market news. As a subscriber you want your penny stock newsletter to provide with the latest new and press releases on the stock they are promoting. A major press release can bring a lot of attention to an otherwise unknown stock. Breaking News and Press Releases have the tendency to increase volume on stocks especially penny stocks. With an increase of trading volume you often see an increase in price per share that is why it is important to subscribe to penny stock newsletters that provide you with the most up to the minute news.

Technical Analysis

The penny stocks site newsletters provide their subscribers with some sort of technical analysis. They should provide you with some sort of history of the stock and how it is trending at the given moment. Also they should include or at least link to some charts for the subscriber to analyze themselves.  Make sure to look into this when choosing the right investment manager.

In closing choosing the penny stocks site newsletter can seem like a daunting task luckily for you most subscriptions are FREE. My advice to you is to subscribe to my penny stock newsletter and let me show you why Penny-Stocks-Site is the penny stocks site newsletter on the web today.