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The 3 Questions You Need To Ask The Investment Analyst Before Signing The Contract

An investment analyst is a major factor that can determine a higher probability of success with your investment. With that being said, it is necessary to have an investment manager to take care of things. You just need to make sure that there will be a thorough interview process. It is the best way to get an insight so you can have your money’s worth with the person you will hire. Here are the top questions that you should ask to ensure that you will be able to get the best deal out of it.

1. What is your track record?


This question is inclusive of numerous follow-up questions. The specialist should be able to provide you the ADV form. It is a document that will tell you if there has been any conflict they were involved with regarding the assets and investments they have handled. Do not forget about the performance record. Ask for a record that can go back for at least five to six years. Most importantly, request references from at least five clients and call them.

2. What is your background in this industry?


The experience of the analyst should be superb, preferably with a degree and a master about finance, business or investment related. You wouldn’t want to entrust the management of your assets to someone incapable. The person you’ll hire should be someone who knows everything about the market so you can get the best results.

3. Can I pay you by the hour?


It is not the mandatory way of an investment expert payment terms, but if you can get the specialist to agree, it is for your best interest. You can be assured that the job is being done the right way and you can make sure to only pay for the work done.

If you have already set appointments to meet with the possible investment specialists, make sure to include the top three questions above.